Amorgos Island: Where Ancient Whispers Mingle with Azure Seas


Nestled within the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea lies Amorgos, an island untouched by time, where myths are as tangible as cobblestones underfoot. This island is an enigma, a secret preserved for those who are bewitched by beauty and history. It is a place that holds its secrets close—between the folds of its mountainous terrain and the depths of its crystal-clear seas.

The Timeless Beacon: Monastery of Hozoviotissa

Our odyssey begins at the edge of a cliff, with the striking Monastery of Hozoviotissa, carved into the very rock face that overlooks the expansive blue sea. Founded in the 11th century, this beacon of spirituality demands a pilgrimage of faith—a climb across three hundred steps into the heart of Amorgos’s soul. As you ascend, each step brings a sense of tranquility, and the panoramic vista that awaits at the summit is a communion of land, sky, and sea—a true benediction for avid explorers.

Amorgos, with its capital Chora, is a place of timeless beauty. Its Cycladic architecture, maze-like streets, and serene atmosphere blend past and present, inviting visitors to explore its history and stories.

Savor the Serenity: Agia Anna Beach

Step away from the whispers of old and venture forth to the serene Agia Anna beach, a haven for those who seek solace in the arms of nature. Here, on this secluded stretch of paradise, moments of introspection are framed by rugged cliffs and the tranquil sea. The effervescent waters are a siren’s call, inviting beach enthusiasts to immerse themselves in azure depths, basking in the eternal Greek sun.

A Feast for Senses: Amorgos Cuisine

In Amorgos, every meal is a celebration, a symphony of flavors passed down through generations. The traditional fava, a creamy blend of split peas, is the bedrock of the island’s culinary pride—each bite a mélange of earthy tones and flavors. The sweet pasteli, sesame seeds kissed by the nectar of local honey, tells of the simple joys in life, while the Psimeni Raki—a concoction laced with spices and honey—warms souls with its potent heartiness.

An Island to Call Home

To travel to Amorgos is to venture beyond mere holidaymaking; it is to weave your own story into the tapestry of this island’s vast narrative. Choose an abode from a range of Amorgos accommodations that offer a genuine haven, from quaint inns echoing rustic charm to sophisticated retreats that afford luxury with views that stretch forever.


Discover the historic and scenic island of Amorgos in the Aegean Sea. Explore the spiritual Monastery of Hozoviotissa, carved into a cliff, and get lost in the labyrinthine streets of the capital city, Chora, famous for its Cycladic architecture. Relax on serene beaches like Agia Anna and savor the unique local cuisine. With a variety of accommodations, Amorgos offers a genuine haven for any traveler. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and stunning natural beauty of this must-visit island destination.

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