Explore the hidden experiences beyond the Aegean

Beyond Aegean

Sapanca Lake: The Serene Beauty

Discover Sapanca, Turkey: A serene town nestled between mountains, known for its breathtaking natural beauty, historic landmarks, and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Sapanca. Perfect for hiking, water activities, and exploring rich culture.

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Adalar: The Princes’ Islands, a serene beauty.

Discover the charm of Adalar, or the Princes’ Islands, a serene retreat from Istanbul’s city life. Explore scenic landscapes, historic buildings, and unique attractions on each island.

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Ağva: The perfect hidden escape in Nature.

Discover the serene beauty of Ağva, a coastal village on Turkey’s Black Sea coast, known for its tranquil atmosphere, stunning beaches, and natural landscapes. Perfect for those seeking an escape from city life.

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Istanbul: A Journey Through Time and Cultures

Discover Istanbul, Turkey’s vibrant city where East meets West. Explore its rich history, from the Hagia Sophia to the Blue Mosque, and experience its lively culture, markets, and cuisine.

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Pamukkale: Cotton castle

Discover Pamukkale, Turkey’s “cotton castle,” featuring dazzling white terraces and crystal-clear pools formed by calcium-rich springs. A unique natural wonder and a historical treasure.

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Cappadocia: The beauty and mystery

Explore the extraordinary landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey, with its unique rock formations, underground cities, and history dating back over 2,000 years. Experience the magic from above with a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the “fairy chimneys.”

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Monemvasia: A unique beauty!

Explore the hidden gem of Monemvasia, Greece. Discover its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a breathtaking medieval castle built in the 13th century. Step into the past in this must-visit destination.

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Thessaloniki: City of lifestyle, flavours and culture

Explore Thessaloniki, a vibrant city on Greece’s Aegean coast. Rich in history and cultural heritage, this thriving metropolis offers a blend of influences from its diverse past. Discover its beauty today!

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Athens: Where ancient marvels meet modern vibrancy!

Explore Athens with Aegean Travel! Dive into the city’s rich history, culture, and architecture, from the iconic Acropolis to other ancient landmarks. Your historical journey begins here.

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